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Details 1 Ideas City: New York festival considers the way we fill space <b>With the theme The Invisible City, a collection of architects, artists and cyberfeminist researchers discussed the way our urban habitat can be improved</b>
Details 2 Sheryl Sandberg on husband's death: 'I have lived 30 years in these 30 days' <b>Facebook’s chief operating officer writes an emotional post about the ‘void’ of the month since her husband, David Goldberg, died in an accident</b>
Details 3 Dash Radio aims to reinvent radio – with help from Snoop Dogg's Cadillac jams <b>With 1m listeners and $2m funding, Scott Keeney wants ‘to make radio good, and take it back to its roots’ – competing with Spotify and Apple</b>
Details 4 Nasa and Verizon plan to monitor US drone network from phone towers <b>Exclusive: Federal agency is developing technology to track commercial and civilian drones via cell coverage, with first tests of air traffic control system set for this summer</b>
Details 5 Don't leave a message after the beep: why voicemail deserves to die <b>US bank JP Morgan is ditching voicemail, and not before time: it takes too long, it’s frustrating and it’s boring</b>
Details 6 Sony hacking saga to feature in cyber-crime documentary <b>Oscar-nominated team behind The Square to probe story of cyberattack on studio emails that sparked diplomatic rows and distressed stars</b>
Details 7 Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speakers over battery fire safety risks <b>Company asks customers to stop using speakers, promising refund after discovering that ‘in rare cases’ they may catch on fire</b>
Details 8 Driverless cars and motoring technology – Tech Weekly podcast <b>Is an automotive revolution just round the corner?</b>
Details 9 Peddling news through tired business models will get you nowhere <b>We need to unlearn the payment cycle for journalism and find a new way</b>
Details 10 US woman pursues ex-boyfriend in landmark UK revenge-porn action <b>Woman seeking damages and criminal prosecution alleging former boyfriend posted secret video of them having sex before breakup launches complex legal challenge in UK courts</b>
Details 11 Your Instagram feed is about to be invaded by more ads <b>Facebook-owned photo-sharing service forges ahead with advert plan, opening it up to local and global marketers</b>
Details 12 Fallout 4: eight things we want to see <b>Game publisher Bethesda has teased the arrival of a new instalment in its hugely-successful post-apocalyptic role-playing series. Here’s what we’re hoping for</b>
Details 13 Facebook's 'real name' policy hurts real people and creates a new digital divide <b>It’s not just about drag queens: survivors of gendered violence, Native Americans, dissidents and others use the site for communication, access and solidarity</b>
Details 14 Met police to issue body cameras to majority of officers by next year <b>London mayor says 20,000 cameras will be deployed to help police fight crime and boost public confidence</b>
Details 15 Pinterest introduces 'buyable pins' allowing direct product purchase <b>Social photo-sharing service moves into e-commerce, creating option for users to browse items by price and colour – and purchase with a click</b>
Details 16 Skype bug breaks app with simple eight-character text string <b>Glitch causes Skype apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows to crash and permanently lock up</b>
Details 17 Imgur faces user revolt as it starts to cull NSFW comments from site <b>Campaign against ‘censorship’ hits front page of image-sharing website popular on Reddit, after it finally acts on rules banning obscene and explicit comments</b>
Details 18 Jaws: the movie that brought video games and films together <b>Released 40 years ago this week, Jaws didn’t just invent the summer blockbuster – it also kickstarted the love affair between games and films</b>
Details 19 Kitchen gadgets review: the pizza oven – all mouth and trousers <b>A pizza stone will produce that all-important crispy base – so a &amp;pound;90 pizza oven had better bring something special to the table</b>
Details 20 Oculus VR's second virtual reality film stars a hedgehog named Henry <b>Facebook VR subsidiary’s in-house studio follows up its first film with ‘a heartwarming comedy’ created by Pixar and DreamWorks veterans</b>
Details 21 2015 challenges: how can technology and innovation be a force for good? <b>Technology is increasingly playing a role in delivering aid work. How can development organisations harness its potential?</b>
Details 22 Chatterbox: Wednesday <b>The place to talk about games and other things that matter</b>
Details 23 South Korea test-fires missiles capable of striking all of North Korea <b>Testing of two ballistic missiles with reported range of more than 300 miles is likely to further raise tensions in region</b>
Details 24 Amazon aims for British parents with Fire HD Kids Edition tablet <b>Device for children will cost &amp;pound;119 or &amp;pound;139 and come bundled with built-in subscription for unlimited use of apps, ebooks and videos</b>
Details 25 Pricey TVs spur double-digit growth at Dixons Carphone <b>Profits likely to exceed forecasts with 13% increase in sales on anniversary of merger between Carphone Warehouse and Dixons</b>
Details 26 Mad Max: Fury Road: meet the Aussies behind the wheel of Furiosa's War Rig <b>Fury Road is one long explosive chase from which the film’s real stars emerge – the team who built those gas-guzzlers lift up the bonnet for Luke Buckmaster</b>
Details 27 Apple boss delivers strongest attack yet on Facebook and Google over privacy <b>Web rivals’ business models undermine users’ privacy, says Tim Cook, who also warns governments on pursuing ‘dangerous’ encryption policies</b>
Details 28 Japanese robot cat Doraemon helps ease diplomatic tensions with China <b>An animated film featuring the popular Manga comic book figure is playing to packed cinemas in mainland China</b>
Details 29 Let's pause before drinking the 'coding in schools' Kool-Aid <b>Is the call for all kids to learn coding the modern equivalent of mandatory Japanese? Predicting the future is a mug’s game – there should be no place for it in education</b>
Details 30 Ellen Pao to appeal ruling in Silicon Valley gender discrimination lawsuit <b>Lawyer for former partner at venture capital firm files two-page notice in case at center of concerns over inequality in the tech world</b>
Details 31 Secret report urges treaty forcing US web firms' cooperation in data sharing <b>Exclusive: UK privacy campaigners say international treaty could provide legal alternative to government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ proposals</b>
Details 32 Eva: transgender voice-training app helps women and men talk the talk <b>Kathe Perez’s courses go beyond appearances to address another challenge within the transgender community: passing with a gender-appropriate voice</b>
Details 33 Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram food porn <b>Artificial intelligence tool Im2Calories aims to identify pictures of food posted to Instagram and tell users the calorie count of their meals</b>
Details 34 'Ransomware-as-a-service' discovered on the darknet <b>New malware ‘Tox’ lets would-be hackers create their own ransomware at will</b>
Details 35 FBI operating fleet of surveillance aircraft flying over US cities <b>The planes, which are equipped with video and cellphone technology at times, are being managed behind fake companies to mask government involvement</b>
Details 36 Five injured in chlorine gas leak at Apple data centre Workers treated at the scene in North Carolina by paramedics before being taken to hospital after exposure to noxious fumes
Details 37 Caitlyn Jenner smashes Twitter world record, reaching a million followers Former Olympian and reality TV star, previously known as Bruce Jenner, takes just four hours to reach one million followers, becoming the fastest ever
Details 38 75% of US scientists and engineers are white. We need diversity to lead on Stem As demand grows for workers trained in science, technology, engineering and math, minorities are the untapped resource we must nurture
Details 39 YouTube promises more measures to tame its comment trolls ‘One of the hardest things to do is scaling openness, whether you run an internet platform or whether you run a country,’ claims Robert Kyncl
Details 40 YouTube trains its sights on traditional TV: 'It's a no-growth business' Head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl says the future for online video is small screens: ‘It’s all mobile, mobile, mobile’